Wine Prefix

Within Wine, a WINEPREFIX can hold a separate virtual Windows with its own respective wine settings. A WINEPREFIX could be useful when attempting to install more complex Windows applications.

Creating a WINEPREFIX requires Wine. To install Wine on CrunchBang 11/Debian 7 (Wheezy), I’d refer to one of my previous posts here.

First, I had made the directory, ~/wineprefix, in which I intended to hold the WINEPREFIX, via Terminal:

mkdir ~/wineprefix

Next, I created the WINEPREFIX in the desired location and named it .test:

env WINEPREFIX=~/wineprefix/.test winecfg

To launch windows application within the new WINEPREFIX:

env WINEPREFIX=~/wineprefix/.test wine iview_setup.exe

To reveal the newly created WINEPREFIX in file manager, I’d navigate to /home/username/wineprefix and press Ctrl+H.


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